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Mirage Endoscopy Center

What to expect on procedure day

Your physician will give you specific instructions to prepare for your procedure. Please follow these instructions and notify your physician if you have questions or are unable to follow these instructions for any reason.

Please call our office 48 hours before your scheduled procedure time to confirm your appointment. The Mirage Endoscopy Center pre-procedure line is 760-346-6484.

Please arrive at Mirage Endoscopy Center 40 minutes prior to your procedure time. We ask patients to arrive early so we will have time to check you in and complete the pre-procedure assessment. This will include signing a consent form (a parent or guardian must sign a consent form for patients under the age of 18).

Click HERE for a map to our Rancho Mirage facility.

What to Bring and What Not to Bring

  • Identification. Please bring a photo ID (Driver’s License, passport, etc.) to your appointment for check-in.
  • Insurance cards. We will need to make copies of your insurance information for our records, so please bring proof of insurance to your appointment.
  • Method of Payment. Co-payments and co-insurance fees are due at time of check-in. Please bring a method of payment for any fees due.
  • Medication information. We will need a list of your current medications, including prescription medication, over-the-counter drugs and supplements. Please provide us with medication names and dosage information.
  • Do not bring valuables. Please leave your jewelry or other valuables at home when you arrive for your appointment, as jewelry must be removed prior to your procedure. Mirage Endoscopy Center is not responsible for lost or damaged property.


After check-in, our staff will provide you with a robe to change into and a bin to store your personal belongings. A nurse will complete the pre-procedure assessment with you, including a review of your medical history. An IV will also be inserted prior to the procedure for any medications to be administered during your procedure.

After your procedure

You will be transported to the Recovery Room to be monitored and recuperate after your procedure. Patients are observed for at least 30 minutes before being discharged. While you’re resting in our Recovery Room, your physician will review preliminary findings and provide you with a copy of your preliminary report.

Because sedatives are used during the procedure, you will not be able to drive for 24 hours following your procedure. You must bring a driver to your appointment or arrange for medical transportation to take you home. Your driver will be asked to remain at our facility during your procedure.

Please call our office at 760-346-6589 within 24 hours after your procedure to let us know how you are doing.


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